Bike is clean but has some scratches here and there and the bike runs better then new it has many modes like a Tokyo smog delete kit and jd jetting kit and 3 gallon tank, skid plate, new chain and sprockets, Renthal fat bars, Rocky Mountain graphics, trail tech computer, we have stock tank and rims and still have smog pump and the jd jetting kit so you can re jet it. Bike has been raced and does great it’s ready to race some more. Call or text at 7753460024 A160D65A-37C5-40B1-88D2-CC0BA4968A00.jpeg  4ACD5F68-E537-414E-B50F-A83C0F14967B.jpeg  9336ECBB-100E-4F9F-9191-9CDDCABAC2B3.jpeg  3BFF8BB8-FC5C-4C2B-9850-7492FE4BA07F.jpeg  7E8A32C9-564B-41D2-ABBF-E2B62B1BF4CD.jpeg  DAD35701-4C2A-4E28-96E3-686AAABEFD07.jpeg