Round 3 - Cheaters MC & Rimbenders MC
March 23-24
Blue Wing Flat, NV
Seth Williams
We had to adjust early plans for the moisture in the desert. The Mini Loop follows the Big Bike loop to the Alt gas at 33.4 miles then peels off.  Landen, my 11 year old Amateur did a hot lap on his 85 after marking course for 50 miles in the morning.  He was 1:19 to Alt gas and 1:31 to 38.8 miles, he did not run the last 7ish miles.  The course is a legit 45+ miles, Landen made it with an 85 desert tank without fuel, but close. If you are fit, you will love this course, if not, ride more.  Please get the word out to 65 riders that they will likely need to fuel at 21 miles -no spectators- and again at the main Alt Gas, 33.8 miles. The main Alt Fuel is quickly and easily accessible to spectators from the pits. Hope you have fun for 45+ miles.  Sorry for any conflicting information on Facebook, apparently when you hit enter, it Posts.