Yeah so Purgatory Peak is a great venue for the last race of the year. Question though: the road in has been tricky sometimes for the guys with the longer trailers (it goes thru a couple of pretty good dips and a couple got stuck or drug back end pretty good last time)...anyone been in lately that can comment on it?

Wanted to give everyone an update on the roads going out to Purgatory this weekend. Currently LA power and water are out there replacing parts on the power lines. This means they have been using the power line road to get in to the pits and have tore them up pretty good. It is still passable but there is a good amount of silt pockets and sections. We have been working to make another road in the pits to stay out of the really bad section. We have a lower road section that is easier for long trailers to use but they have been using it as well. I will be heading out again Wednesday night and will give an update Thursday on how they are. I hate to say this but might be easier to day trip as it will only get worse.