Erek Kudla

First to introduce myself. My name is Erek Kudla. I am the Director of the National Hare and Hound Association - a group created in 2009 comprised of 4 national hosting clubs with a board of representatives from each club, chairman, vice chair, sponsor rep, women's rep, quad rep and director - I am also involved in a lot of other racing orgainzations. Director of the Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship, owner/operator of the Get-Xtr-Eme racing Series, Referee of the Ventura County Motorcycle Club, Scoring for the Baja Rally and logistics for King of the Motos. I also race 250 A Enduro/Desert and Pro Class 30 and Class 21 in Baja when I get the chance. 


Coming this weekend! The RETURN of the National Hare and Hound Series to MRANN! Big big things in the works for the event. 


Round 9 of the AMA/SRT National Hare and Hound Series is just around the corner September 21st 2014 and will be hosted in Yerington, NV. This will be the first National Hare and Hound in the area for a LONG LONG time! The event will be co sanctioned with the Motorcycle Racing Association of NORTHERN Nevada and Get-Xtr-Eme and will also be the finale of the Silver State Classic - 3 Round Nevada State Championship.


The host club - Mason Valley Dirt Squirts - have put together an amazing loop and amazing amount of extra good stuff for everyone!





Youth -


$2,000 Overall Purse + 80% Pro Pay Back + $500 Speed Freak bomb Purse


Sorry NO QUADS - BLM Made a last minute decision to not allow ATV's. 


Saturday 12pm-5pm - Registration, Autograph Signing, BBQ, Radio Show, Tech Inspection

Wild West Cheverolet - Yerington, NV[


Sunday 6am-8am - Registration 


Sunday 8am - Pee Wees - 3/4 mile course - 30 min.


Sunday 9am - Mini/Beg. Women/Bomber - 8 Mile Course - 1 hour


Sunday 11am - Big Bike Race 

Loop 1 - 65 Miles w/ gas alternate

Loop 2 - 35 Miles 



-Preferred Yerington Hotels-

Yerington Inn 775-463-3144.

4 N. Main St, Yerington, NV 89447


Copper Inn 775-463-2135. 

307 N. Main St, Yerington, NV 89447



Victorian Rose Inn 775-463-2164

111 S. Main St, Yerington, NV 89447



on the pre registration for the wsra race it says to add your bar code i have the bar code and the transponder sticker from vc which one should i put down thanks for any info.sorry for the mix up.
I hope the course is better then the ANTI MRANN flier you created.
Erek Kudla

Where does it say enter your bar code? It says to enter your AMA card #. 


How is this an Anti-MRANN Flier? The MRANN Logo is above BOTH the hosting club and promoter. It includes all the MRANN sponsors along with the National Sponsors and event specific Sponsors. It also includes a MRANN racer. Additionally we created a MRANN specific flier and posted it to you FB page along with a lot of other MRANN specific concessions that were made for the event to go off successfully. 


Tim Fitzpatrick and the Mason Valley Dirt Squirts have worked very hard with MRANN, the NHHA and GXE to make sure this event is one for the history books. The RETURN of the Yerington National Hare and Hound! For me it's an honor to have MRANN back as part of the series. It is first an AMA National Hare and Hound, then part of a regional Silver State Championship and finally part of the local MRANN racing series and the GXE Series. That is a big deal on all accounts. 


roadkill wrote:
on the pre registration for the wsra race it says to add your bar code i have the bar code and the transponder sticker from vc which one should i put down thanks for any info.sorry for the mix up.

Responded in your other post, but just leave it blank and send it in.
Dirty dave wrote:
I hope the course is better then the ANTI MRANN flier you created.

Dave haven't seen you at any mrann events for a yr or more. There is nothing about this race that is anti mrann!!!

 I hope to see you get back on the bike and come race with us, It will be a fun race
Erek Kudla
The Return of the Yerington National Hare and Hound is only days away and there are several bits of information that we want to make sure everyone has when coming out to the event. The series hasn't been to the area in over 15 years and Tim Fitzpatrick of the Mason Valley Dirt Squirts was able to make it happen again! With that we do have some extra guidelines we will hove to follow as the local BLM office operates very differently then we may all be used to. 

So here is a run down for the event coming this weekend.

- First and foremost there are absolutely NO OPEN FIRES. No barrels, no washtubs, NOTHING. Especially with the drought.

- There is NO OPEN RIDING. We are very fortunate to be able to host an event in this area and not riding on the surrounding land is tantamount to our being able to race there at all.

- Spectators MUST stay behind the spectator banner. No "ifs", "ands" or "buts". The BLM will be there in force and will be writing the club up for any infraction.

- YOU MUST STAY ON THE TRAILS! There's really no where else for you to go anyway but DO NOT cut corners or make "B" lines through the bushes. The club has to go back and fix any extra trails created and rehabilitate and vegetation that it destroyed. 

Another HUGE stipulation in the BLM permit for Yerington is that we encourage patrons to get all of their goods IN TOWN to support the local economy. They BLM has said "no" to an event of any kind in the area since 2007 and the promise of customers is the only thing that made it happen.

Local Businesses -

- Scolari's Grocery Store
Get your Groceries, Water and anything else of that nature

- Chevron
If you use 91 octane make sure to stop by Chevron. There are others in town as well but the Chevron is locally owned.

- Pioneer Crossing - Event Sponsor
Hosting Cosmic bowling with drink specials, live music and $5 games Saturday Night 9pm-12am

-Teams Trailers
Hardware, Automotive and supplies

If you are looking for a room for the weekend the Yerington Inn has just opened up a few! Call now at 775-463-5310

>>Due to BLM restrictions the Event will not be able to host Quads. The 4 wheel racers will be back for the finale at Round 10 October 25/26th in Johnson Valley. See you all there!<<

Event Information

Loop 1 - 59.1 Miles. Alt Gas at 22.5 Miles.
Loop 2 - 29.8 Miles

Youth Courses are still being finalized. We are working on making the Mini event 2 loops! More information to be released at the event.

Saturday Sign Up at Wild West Chevrolet - 12pm to 5pm
Autograph Signing, BBQ, Tech Inspection, Radio K-Bull 98.1FM
750 W. Goldfield Ave, Yerington, Ca.

Sunday Sign Up at Staging - Sheep Camp Road. 6am-10am
Youth Sign Up ONLY 6am-7:30am
Staging is 10 miles east of Wild West Chevrolet on the 95 Alt. Will be arrowed from the dealership.

- Gas Alternate will be Event Workers ONLY. Chase Crew will not be able to go to Alternate Per BLM. The access road crosses live course and the Alternate is on Live Course Itself.

- You will drop off your gas can from 6am-9am across from sign up - it will be labeled and sorted. 
At the Gas Alternate the workers will hand you your gas, you will fill yourself then return the can. 

- Gassing will be DEAD ENGINE

- Bomb run is open to walk Saturday 2pm-4pm and Sunday 7am-10am. 

- The start is VERY short so we encourage all riders to stay at Wild West for the festivities as you will be able to check out the start no problem.

- The Youth's will be utilizing the same start line so you will only be able to walk the start Sunday after they have started. 

- Start positions may only be held AFTER Final Youth race has started at 9am. Only Entered bike or Rider is official start holder.


Good to know. I cut more than just corners and I make "A" lines, screw B lines.
Erek Kudla
Round 9 Riders Instructions Now Posted!
You DO NOT have to have a Green or Red registration sticker for any MRANN event in Nevada. If you choose not to purchase a one day AMA card MVDS club will purchase it for you.

g. Is operated solely in an organized race, festival or other event that is conducted:
  1. Under the auspices of a sanctioning body; or
  2. By permit issued by a governmental entity having jurisdiction;

    “Sanctioning body” means an organization that establishes a schedule of racing events, grants rights to conduct those events and establishes and administers rules and regulations governing the persons who conduct or participate in those events.

Erek Kudla
Cycle News coverage for the Yerington National Hare and Hound 
Please repost. 
We are currently finalizing the National Results then sending MRANN the export to have the MRANN results up. 

Big Bike NATIONAL Results here -
ALL MRANN Racers that only did 1 loop are listed as a DNF (Except 50+ C, Women C and 60+) as in a National they must finish 100% of the distance to earn their finish. When the results are separated they will be listed as a finish in their results. 

Working on Mini Results now.
How were the Mini results scored?
They had fender cards, but it wasn't pulled at finish, and no markings on it.

My kid came in with a running bike and a finisher pin, so all is well as it's just for fun.

But, I would have glady paid for a transponder to have results. And pulling cards would be good for accuracy.

Erek Kudla

They were scored manually on the computer. The computer was in the motorhome to help with dust. MANY parents had expressed concern about the $5 for transponders and the Mandatory AMA membership so we made exceptions for this round as it was a first for MRANN in a long time to be part of the National series. 

They were actually not supposed to get fender cards but the sign up crew gave them to everyone regardless so we had the kids run them any way. We usually do that, a long with writing the row numbers on them, to keep everyone in line anyway. The rows were way different then we usually handle it as well. 


The Mrann kids are all being separated now and the results will be forwarded to the MRANN steward, Beth I believe, and she will handle the results from there. 

Erek Kudla
ALL results are being emailed this afternoon to the host club and they will be handling the results from there. Thank you guys for being part of the series! It was definitely a great event and all riders who participated had a blast!
Pretty cool video of some of the course....dust free.